Blog #3 – Routine updates & new Patterns

Hi Everyone! I wanted to start this week with a bit of gratitude. I am thankful for everyone that has watched and subscribed to my YouTube channel. It has been great to connect with my sister, Angie, and show off my pieces of work. I hope we have provided some interesting content and maybe someContinue reading “Blog #3 – Routine updates & new Patterns”

Floss Tube #1 and Bead Tube #1

We did it. My sister Angie and I created our first Floss Tube video and Bead tube video. I had to post it before I changed my mind. Overcoming my fear of cameras has been my goal for 2021. I hope you enjoy our normal sisterly banter and also enjoy the projects that we areContinue reading “Floss Tube #1 and Bead Tube #1”


Hello crafty friends. My name is Kristi Bernstein and my needlework company is Salty Stitcher Designs. My YouTube channel name is also Salty Stitcher Designs. This site, blog, and YouTube channel will be about my journey in stitching cross stitch projects, cross stitch design, and the interesting people I come across in my journey toContinue reading “Introduction”

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