Floss Tube #6

Welcome to our 6th floss tube video. Thanks to everyone who sent us your comments from last week.  My niece Portia was a trip and even announced a surprise give away when we reach 20 subscribers. Y’all, she is so excited about this giveaway and has been planning the beaded bracelet that she is going to give away. Go ahead and subscribe so we can bring her on next video. 😊

June 1 is Pride Month. During this month, the LGBTQIA communities celebrate the freedom to be themselves as they struggle to overcome prejudice and be accepted for who they are. For the entire month of June, I have discounted one of my designs 50%. Abstract Hawaiian Rainbow is on sale for just $5. The cross stitch pattern is 251 X 235 stitches with 76 colors. On 18 ct Aida, the image is 13.9 X 13.1 inches. I hope you enjoy stitching this pattern as much as I do.

My final announcement of the week involves a new initiative to boost my charitable donations throughout the year. Each month, I will select a different charitable organization and donate a portion of all of my sales from my website and Etsy as well as Buy Me A Coffee donations to that organization.

For the month of June, I am selecting the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Fund. I am an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard and have been a part of the Coast Guard for over 26 years. The CGMA is close to my heart and has assistance many Coast Guard members since 1924. More recently, in 2019, during and following the Government Shutdown, CGMA provided assistance and/or counseling to 1 in 5 active duty members, 1 in 7 civilian employees, and 1 in 32 Reserve members. During the 2017 and 2018 hurricane seasons, CGMA provided $3.5 million in assistance, with 65% of the interest-free loans converted to grants. On a daily basis, CGMA provides emergency, educational, medical, and housing assistance to U.S. Coast Guard employees. Additionally, CGMA provides adoption assistance programs, childcare reimbursement programs, breast milk shipping program, and general assistance to members during unexpected events. CGMA’s vision statement:

“As a recognized leader in promoting financial stability for its clients/customers, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance will seek to empower the Coast Guard family in meeting future financial challenges. Through partnerships with other assistance providers, we will deliver innovative financial assistance in response to emerging Coast Guard family needs. CGMA will ensure that we are always ready, and always there as a critical safety net in times of financial need and will truly look after our own.”

As we look back on Memorial Day, lets give thanks to the Service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Please consider purchasing a pattern, donating to my Buy Me a Coffee site, or give directly to Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. Again, a portion of the sales and donations to my site will go to CGMA for the month of June.

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WIPS: Cats on Parade – Blackbird Designs; Stitched on 36ct  Fiber on a Whim, Pumpkin; Called for color: Weeks Dye Works- Espresso

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