My Favorite Things

Tools of the trade are the key to an enjoyable hobby. Cross stitch is no exception.

Below are a few of my favorite things that I cannot live without in my daily cross stitch practice.


Sullivan’s Needles

Sullivan’s Needles are the perfect length, a comfortable size eye and have a ball point tip. The ball point tip slides easily into the correct and intended location. I use them for every project and highly recommend them.

Lights & Magnifier (Home and Travel)

Great light and magnification enhances the cross stitch experience and allows for a broader range of fabrics and threads. Below are my favorite lights for home and travel.

Fabric stays

These gems are key to keeping control of extra fabric. Originally designs a cord ties. The 6-inch version works perfectly with cross stitch fabric.

Cross Stitch Key

Your one stop measuring tool for cross stitch. It So Emma has hit it out of the park with this fabric measuring tool with built in corner gauge.

Cross Stitch Hoops and Frames

A tight canvas is essential to prevent warping of your project. It also has to be easy to hold for long periods of time. I have tried many hoops and frames and only two have met the mail of keeping the canvas tight as well comfortable to hold. There are many like these but I have found that the Nurge Frame and Q-snap are easy to tighten and last longer their other products.

Scissors and Snips

There are fancy scissors and then their are the ones we take when we travel. I personally love to have a pair of small scissors that will be confiscated by TSA in each project bag. Below are my go to scissors.

Needle minders

Needle minders are deeply personal and take care of your needle when you are not stitching. There are thousands of needle minders out there. Below are my preferred suppliers.

Favorite Shops


Fortnight Fabrics

Under The Sea Fabrics

Scissor Fobs & Beaded Creations


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