Floss Tube #10 – Needlework Expo & New Designs

Welcome to my 10th floss tube video. A special thanks to my subscribers.

Shop Announcements:

I will be participating in the Needlework Expo at the end of August. Six of my original designs will be featured in the Expo and will be made available via hardcopy through your local needle work shop. If you see a pattern you like, please request it.

My final announcement of the week involves a new initiative to boost my charitable donations throughout the year. Each month, I will select a different charitable organization and donate a portion of all of my sales from my website, Patreon, and Buy Me A Coffee donations to that organization. For the month of July, I am selecting Feeding America. Please see my blog or their website for more information on the organization.

Finish (at the framers)

Under the Sea – Salty Stitcher Designs – Weeks Dye Works threads on 40ct Weeks Dye Works Sea Foam fabric


1. Island Walkabout – Salty Stitcher Designs – Weeks Dye Works thread on 40 Ct linen stitched over 2 threads

2. Persian Marriage Rug – Salty Stitcher Designs – DMC thread stitched on 28 count even weave

3. Maya Angelou – Salty Stitcher Designs – The Gentle Art Sampler threads stitched on Fort Night fabrics 32 count Anemone

New Designs

1. We the People – Salty Stitcher Designs – Classic Color works threads on 28 count even weave

2. Jelly Fish – Salty Stitcher Designs – DMC threads stitched over 1 thread of 28 ct even weave – Photo credit: Marivic Verdadero Moramot, Maldives Collections and Batangas Scuba Academy.

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Where can you find me:

All of the socials which are listed in the show notes. Please consider joining my stitching group – Salty Stitcher Designs, where I am sharing my latest progress on projects and would love to engage in conversation with other stitchers.

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