StitchCon 2021 Update & new gear

Hi Everyone! If you are a first time reader, welcome. For my returning readers, thanks for coming back. Over the last week, I have been trying dig out of both at work and at home tasks after a wonderful trip to Hawaii. I have a ton of pictures to convert to patterns and since this is a one woman show, it may take me a minute to post to the site. Please keep checking back to the shop for new patterns.

Over the last two weeks, I have been working monogamously on Comfort Lighthouse from Carriage House Samplings for StitchCon. I will be attending Weekend A so I feel a crunch to finish this small for the smalls exchange. It has been a really fun stitch on 40 count linen. I look forward to showing you the fully finished object (FFO) after StitchCon. If you are going to StitchCon, please stop by and say hello. I am a first time attendee and I look forward to meeting everyone in person.

Comfort Lighthouse, Carriage House Samplings

I am still trying to decide which projects to bring to StitchCon. I am resisting the urge to bring all of my works in progress (WIPs). I think I am going to bring two WIPs and one new special start for StitchCon. My two WIPS and new start are below. I have had the Ink Circles Big Red Ship of Life kitted up for a number of months now and I am thrilled to pick StitchCon as the occasion to start it. I am going to make a game time decision on the type of thread I am going to use (DMC, overdyed, or silk) as well as the fabric. I have been using higher count fabrics lately and have been loving the result. More to follow on this in my upcoming Floss Tube video.

New Gear – Brightech LightView Pro 3 in 1 Magnifying Lamp 

I think I have found the perfect light and magnifier. It is a 3 in 1 set up that has a floor stand, table stand, and clip on option. The magnification area is the perfect size for stitching and the magnification is adequate for stitching on 40 count linen. I feel like I can stitch over 1 thread using this tool. Five stars from me. Take a look.

Brightech Light View Pro 3 in 1 Magnifying Lamp

Finally, with July 4th coming up very quickly, I wanted to highlight a holiday specific pattern in my shop. I designed the We the People – US Flag. It is a rustic take on the US flag and contains key words from the preamble to the US Constitution. It is a modest 134 x 196 stitches and has 23 colors. On 14Ct Aida, it will be 14.1 x 9.6 inches. This pattern would look great on a pillow, for a military retirement, or just hanging in your home or office.

Have a great week. Please join me on Friday for a Floss Tube video and consider subscribing to my channel. Till next week.

Kristi Bernstein – Salty Stitcher

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