Floss Tube #10 – Needlework Expo & New Designs

Welcome to my 10th floss tube video. A special thanks to my subscribers. Shop Announcements: I will be participating in the Needlework Expo at the end of August. Six of my original designs will be featured in the Expo and will be made available via hardcopy through your local needle work shop. If you seeContinue reading “Floss Tube #10 – Needlework Expo & New Designs”

Blog 7 – A year of giving

Hello everyone. Thanks for coming back and reading my blog. If you are new, welcome. It is a pleasure to have you here. It has been a few weeks since I have added to the posts. Lately, my weeks have been filled with business travel and personal travel. If you want to catch up withContinue reading “Blog 7 – A year of giving”

Floss Tube 8 – A Quick Solo Update

Floss Tube #8 – A quick solo update Welcome to my 8th floss tube video. Thanks to everyone who sent us your comments from last week.  We reached 35 subscribers and we finished our first giveaway. Congratulations to Anvita Sinha. Please send us an email at saltystitcher13@gmail.com to claim your bracelet. A shop Announcements: JuneContinue reading “Floss Tube 8 – A Quick Solo Update”

Floss Tube #7 – All of the Things and Stitch-Con 2021

Welcome to our 7th floss tube video. Thanks to everyone who sent us your comments from last week. We reached 27 subscribers and my niece Portia was so excited to do her giveaway this week. A few big Announcements: June 1 is Pride Month. During this month, the LGBTQIA communities celebrate the freedom to beContinue reading “Floss Tube #7 – All of the Things and Stitch-Con 2021”

BLOG 6 – 02 June 21 – An FFO and a few Announcements

Happy June! Happy Summer! Happy Pride Month! Welcome back to my blog. If you are new here – Welcome! If you are a subscriber here, you have a sneak peak into the content of my weekly Floss Tube videos which are also posted on my site. I hope all is well. The weather in LosContinue reading “BLOG 6 – 02 June 21 – An FFO and a few Announcements”

Floss Tube #5 – Kids Say the Craziest things

Welcome to our 5th floss tube video. We have a special guest today, my niece Portia. She is so cute and can say the craziest things sometimes. She had us crying at one point. I hope you enjoy our banter this week. If you would like to support my channel, please consider buying me aContinue reading “Floss Tube #5 – Kids Say the Craziest things”

StitchCon 2021 Update & new gear

Hi Everyone! If you are a first time reader, welcome. For my returning readers, thanks for coming back. Over the last week, I have been trying dig out of both at work and at home tasks after a wonderful trip to Hawaii. I have a ton of pictures to convert to patterns and since thisContinue reading “StitchCon 2021 Update & new gear”

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