Blog #3 – Routine updates & new Patterns

Hi Everyone! I wanted to start this week with a bit of gratitude. I am thankful for everyone that has watched and subscribed to my YouTube channel. It has been great to connect with my sister, Angie, and show off my pieces of work. I hope we have provided some interesting content and maybe some laughs. Next week’s video will be from Kauai, HI. I am also thankful for all of the wonderful cross stitch designers out there. I have not run into a pattern that I have not wanted to stitch and I recently realized that it will take two lifetimes to stitch the patterns that I already own. You are true artists and your patterns are amazing. As I venture into the world of designing small patterns, I have a renewed appreciation for all of the aspects that go into designing, marketing, and releasing a pattern. Keep up the great work and creativity. Here are some of my new acquisitions from Ink Circles: Red Velvet and Fairy Ring Around the Rosie.

This week has been chock full of work, four legged family drama, and cross stitch. It is performance evaluation and transfer season so there is a heavy paperwork churn to properly say good bye to great employees as they move on to new duty stations and welcome new employees into the office with equal vigor. This week, I also welcomed two additional kitties into my current pride. It has been a few days of territorial disputes among my male kitties but they seem to be working out their issues. My two female kitties worked out who the “alpha” was fairly quickly. Harry and Bessie Bernstein will be staying for a few months until my husband gets settled in his new home in Alice Springs, NT, Australia. A special thanks to Starwood Pet Transport for making sure their trip from Hawaii to Los Angeles was seamless.

I managed to sneak in a few hours of stitching. My big update this week, however, is that I am heading to Weekend A of Stitch-Con 2021 in Cincinnati, OH. I spent most of my stitching time on preparing my small for the smalls exchange. As I am a bit late to the Stitch-Con roster, I only have a few more weeks to complete. This will be my focus project for the next few weeks. I am stitching Carriage House Samplings, Comfort Lighthouse. I have been working primarily on the lighthouse. I feel like once I finish the lighthouse, the rest of the pattern will stitch pretty quickly. I am stitching it on 40 count linen with the called for DMC threads over two threads of linen. This pattern is a keeper and I may stitch it again myself for my office at work.

I also worked a little on my Lions and the my new pattern design Under the Sea. I am really pleased with this new pattern and I plan to take it with me to Hawaii this coming week.

With my last trip to Hawaii on the near horizon, I will be adding a few new patterns in my Hawaii Series. We will be focusing on the Na’ Pali coastline so I hope to have some stunning photos to pass along to you as patterns.

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